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> Online iControl Zones

Informco’s online iControl zones will help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while reducing the administrative headaches that are often associated with those efforts.

This solution will put you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to:

  • Easily collect files from multiple sources to generate the content you require
  • Automate proof generation, mailings, emailings, PURL generation
  • Automate response collection from PURLs and updating of database
  • View status of jobs
  • Track results and access reports
  • White label or co-brand your communications for use with partners or for internal use by a client service team

Plus, all information is transmitted using secure browser encryption protocol (https), meaning any personal data, passwords, display information or uploaded files are encrypted while in transit.

The benefits of this flexible and scalable solution include:

  • Cost-effective customization without having to gather all of the information manually
  • Stronger relationships between partners/sales teams and customers which result in more sales
  • Increased marketing effectiveness with decreased marketing administration
  • Measurement, analysis and reporting of results
  • Collection of additional information (e.g. email addresses, product preferences or areas of interest)

For more information about how automating today will help your business grow tomorrow, contact us.