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Informco’s integrated in-house services mean you can avoid the frustrations of dealing with multiple providers and can be confident that automation will be used wherever possible to deliver memorable communications.

These include:

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Document analysis
  • Design
  • Fillable electronic documents
  • Database analysis and management
  • Programming
  • Automated daily/weekly/monthly mailings
  • Variable digital colour or black printing
  • Sheet and web printing
  • Direct mail fulfillment
  • Online ordering and fulfillment
  • Virtual and physical inventory management
  • Online customization of marketing materials
    (including mail, email and mini websites)
  • Choice of mail or electronic delivery
  • Integrated one-to-one campaigns using
    personalized mail, email and mini websites
  • Automated mail and email contact programs
  • Response collection and database creation
  • Automated fulfillment of information and incentives
  • Online tracking of campaign results

Informco’s sophisticated i-focused technology enables you to communicate with your clients and prospects on a one-to-one basis – either by mail or email. Using what you know about your target audience, you can develop relevant and memorable marketing programs that will build relationships, reinforce brands and improve response rates.

In addition, you can leverage our incremental marketing capabilities to gather information about your audience through a two-way communications process that uses mini websites, QR codes or return mail, and further refine and target your messaging.

Ultimately, we believe our goal is the same as yours: to increase the return on your marketing investment by delivering tangible, measurable results from your communications efforts.