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How effective are your existing marketing strategies? Are you reaching your target audience? How can you be sure?

Count on Informco to give you the answers you need.

With our integrated direct marketing campaigns, you can use what you know about your target audience to speak one-to-one to your clients and prospects using data driven communications that will not only build relationships and brand loyalty, but will also increase response rates and improve your overall results.

Whether you use traditional mail or opt to deliver your messaging electronically through email or mini websites, we can help you target your communications effectively, maximize response, and test the offer, creative content and track device used for continual enhancement. And using our online measurement and reporting tool, we can measure and analyze the success of your campaign to determine whether you’re achieving your goals.

Simply put, we can help you make the most of your marketing dollars. To find out how our integrated direct marketing campaigns can maximize the return on your investment, contact us.